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The Trigno™ Mini is a wireless EMG sensor that is ideally suited for recording surface EMG on small and “difficult-to-isolate” muscles. With a sensing head that measures only 25 mm x 12 mm x 7 mm, the Trigno™ Mini Sensor can be used for a variety of small muscle applications, including physical therapy, rehabilitation sciences, sports science, ergonomics, and motor control.

This sensor retains all the performance specifications of the Trigno™ Sensor family; including low noise operation, full EMG bandwidth capture ability, and seamless integration with the Trigno™ Wireless Systems. Our patented, parallel bar detection approach ensures reliability, ease-of-use and consistency across all data collection protocols.

Features of the Trigno™ Mini


Ideally suited for small and difficult-to-isolate muscles

Full Bandwidth EMG signal

Tri-axial accelerometer

Patented parallel-bar EMG technology

Reduced noise, motion artifacts & crosstalk from nearby muscles

Seamless integration with the Trigno™ System


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Trigno™ Mini
Typical Operating Range 1 20 m
RF Frequency Band 2400-2483 MHz (ISM band)
Power Consumption (<)65 mW
Effective Radiated Power 9 mW
RF Protocol Proprietary
Enclosure Dimension (sensor) 27 x 37 x 15 mm
MiniHead Dimension 25 x 12 x 7 mm
Head Cable Length 200 mm
Full-charge Operation Time 2 7 hours (typical)
Recharge Time 3 (<)2.5 hours
Auto Shut-down timer 300 seconds
Temperature Range 4 5 – 40 degrees Celsius
Signal Range 11 mV (r.t.i)
Channels: EMG Accelerometer
Bandwidth 20 ± 5 Hz, >40 dB/dec
450 ± 50 Hz, >80 dB/dec
DC – 50 ± 5 Hz, 20 dB/dec
Sampling Rate 1926 samples/sec 148 samples/sec/axis
Resolution Depth 16 bits 10 bits
Noise 0.75 uV (rms), r.t.i.5 0.004g (rms, ± 1.5g)
0.016g (rms, ± 6g)
The Trigno™ Wireless EMG Systems are battery-powered biofeedback devices that enable researchers and clinicians to acquire EMG and related signals from subjects for biofeedback purposes. They are intended for relaxation training and muscle reeducation. Interpretation of the EMG and supporting signals by a qualified individual is required.

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