Delsys Avanti Android Apps

Muscle feedback in the palm of your hands

Trigno™ Avanti App

Variety of biofeedback modules for data collection, making it easy to visualize and understand muscle performance.




Trigno™ Summary App

Quick performance reports of muscle activity through an entire trial for unrestricted movement, or per cycle for repetitive motions.

RMS Summary

Cyclic Summary

Custom Summary

Coming Soon

Data Log App

Take your sensor recordings on-the-go with your mobile phone

Live sensor status and recording duration

Integration with device GPS and Heart Rate sensor

Post-collection summary with Peak and Mean EMG

Coming Soon

Technical Specifications

Recommended Devices

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (for Avanti App and Summary App)
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 (for Data Log App)
Android 6.0 and above
Bluetooth 4.1 and above
Up to 4 sensors per device
Sampling rates:

  • EMG (raw): 1000 Hz
  • EMG (RMS): 333.3 Hz (125 ms Window Width, 122 ms Window Overlap)
  • ACC: 133.3 Hz
  • Gyro: 133.3 Hz
  • Mag: 66.7 Hz
  • Orientation (Quaternion or PRY): 66.7 Hz
Works with all Avanti-style sensors

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