Trigno™ dEMG
Trigno™ dEMG

Trigno™ dEMG Wireless Sensor

The non-invasive EMG sensing technology is among the first-ever designed for close-proximity recordings of muscle activity from the surface of the skin – increasing both the quantity and quality of neural information that we can see.

Wireless dEMG and Analysis Pattern Recognition Software provides researchers with opportunities to investigate: Deficits and gains in muscle strength, muscle dexterity, movement coordination and balance during natural movements.

Availability: Fall 2018

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Breaking It Down: 1972 – 2018

Explore over forty-years of dEMG innovation and beyond, as we offer you a glimpse into the past and future of neuromuscular research.

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Human movement is governed by a cascade of signals that travels from the brain to the muscles. These signals activate motor units to generate muscle contractions, force and movement. Motor unit firings have until now remained inaccessible during human movement, limiting our understanding of how functional activities are controlled. Learn about Trigno™ dEMG – the first non-invasive technology capable of identifying motor unit firings during movement – which will revolutionize research in human-machine interface, clinical neuromuscular assessment, sports science, and more.