Trigno™ Quattro
Trigno™ Quattro
Trigno™ Quattro

Advanced, 4-channel EMG + IMU biofeedback sensor

An all new Trigno™ wireless sensor from Delsys that incorporates four miniature EMG sensing heads with an integrated IMU and the acquisition power of Avanti. Each sensor collects up to four EMG signals, and is compatible with existing Trigno™ systems.

Data Presentation with
Our Bluetooth-based Android Application

Trigno Quattro Android Application

Bar Feedback

Trigno Quattro Android Application

Muscle + Kinematic Map

Trigno Quattro Android Application

Gradient Chart

Isolate and Measure Several Muscles
in Areas of High Traffic

Sleek miniature heads ideal for use in:
HMIs · Prosthetics · Exoskeletal Systems · Children Population

Collection Mode Bluetooth Trigno™ Base Station (proprietary wi-fi)
EMG Recordings (per sensor) Four EMG RMS channels and full IMU (3D ACC, 3D GYRO, 3D MAG) Four full bandwidth, high frequency EMG channels and full IMU
Software Support Delsys Avanti Android App EMGworks®
SDK/API – ex: MATLAB, LabView, C++, Linux