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  • New Avanti Sensor Support!
  • New Sensor Configuration Page – allows more complex control over sensor
  • New Data Type, sensor orientation
  • New Channel Naming by sensor type
  • Mode control issues improved
  • Improved default y-axis scope
  • Improved base error reporting
  • Fixed issue with Goniometer calibration for TPM
  • Logging for Activation/Registration information
  • Firmware/Software update notifications are improved
  • User can opt out of Firmware/Software update notifications
  • Improved dual base configuration backend
  • Fixed an issue where y-min/y-max default vals for Avanti sensor was causing hang when clicking “Run Task”
  • Some Avanti configurations were causing EMG channel to not be present in Signal Quality check
  • Fixed issue causing Analog Outs to be off by default when using EMGworks
  • Fixed issue causing Analog Outs to not be handled properly for Avanti sensors – now EMG outputs are present
  • Fixed mode setting issue in SDK for Type 3 and 12 sensors
  • Trigno Control Utility indicated wrong firmware version for Avanti sensors in hover text
  • Fixed issue causing Windows Console to appear when running Trigno Control Utility
  • Dual range ACC sensors were displaying quad range options
  • TPM data download gain issues addressed
  • TPM data download upsampling issues addressed
  • Addressed occasional improper IMU gain (when mode set to default)
  • Addressed default behavior for Avanti sensor flexible gain/bandwidth
  • TrignoSettings file incompatability issue handled automatically for users upgrading EMGworks
  • Base flash memory issues mitigated
  • Addressed DPI scaling issues for high resolution monitors
  • User Defined sensor configuration panel issues addressed
  • Tethered sensor configuration panel issues addressed
  • Addressed issue causing Refresh A/D devices to not load a Trigno
  • Addressed issue causing TrignoSettings file to not be created properly for SDK only users
  • Avanti sensor units for ACC X fixed to display “g”
  • Improved Profile Tracking task performance with Avanti sensors
  • Inverted z-axis for Type A sensors to match other sensor types
  • Changes implemented to comply with GDPR
  • New firmware compatibility notifications
  • New SDK update notifications
  • Improved delay after clicking start
  • Improved orientation mode in SDK for Avanti sensors
  • Fixed bug related to triggering Avanti sensors
  • NEW : Trigno Galileo Sensor!
  • Added new sensor types in Barfeedback task
  • Added new sensor types for Profile Tracking task
  • Added new task for acquiring maximum value from non-EMG sensors
  • Improved usability for Signal Preview task
  • Avanti sensor now supports sampling rates up to 4370Hz raw.
  • Trigger precision improvements
  • Firmware update alerts – improved visibilityWorkflow efficiency improvements
  • Plot settings usability improvements
  • EMG only collection modes for Avanti sensor
  • Graphics updates
  • Type indicators are now expressed by number, not letter
  • DateTime format issue in File Conversion fixed
  • Improved plot layout when using multi-column
  • Bug fixes
  • Goniometer calibration improvements
  • Profile tracking task enhancements for Bagnoli Systems
  • Upsampling EMG data improved for new sample rates
  • Quaternion to Pitch/Roll/Yaw conversion bug fix
  • NMap compatability icon added
  • Signal Preview task stability
  • NEW display each channel’s sample rate
  • sensor default settings improved
  • sensor icons updated for new types
  • Proceed Directly option
  • default scales for EMG channels improved
  • “Copy Log” button in EMGworks status log
  • fixed issue with data streaming beginning w/ dual base setup
  • removed “Acquire” button from EMGworks Analysis
  • improved performance for Export to Excel feature
  • updated versions of external libs in Analysis
  • updated sensor configuration panes
  • NEW Select and deselect which channels to acquire
  • Added support for Avanti Analog Input Adapter
  • Fixed an issue with dual base data acquisition resulting in crash
  • Visual updates to sensor configuration panes
  • Full Goniometer and Load Cell support (including calibration and biofeedback tasks)
  • Fixed bug where changing settings on Quattro/Galileo would remove other sensors from sensor list
  • NEW Analog Output compatible modes for all Avanti sensor types
  • Added support for Avanti EKG Sensor
  • Fixed an issue where certain channels would have plots hidden during data streaming
  • Bar feedback tasks now display correctly
  • Corrected classic EKG sensor gain
  • Optimized plot layout for certain types of sensors

Mobile EMG Suite

EMG Plots

  • New app icon and app name – EMG Plots
  • New “Sensor Info” in sensor settings dialog box
  • Added feature “Export to CSV” in the file browser and support to open csv and pdf files
  • Added feature to select particular channel in a multichannel during live streaming in Plot mode (for eg: ACC Y & Z can be now hidden and only
  • ACC X can be viewed during live streaming)
  • Added feature to normalize EMG RMS in plot mode
  • Updated Delsys API to the latest version
  • Support for latest Andriod OS
  • New Language support – German, French, Spanish, Dutch

Bug fixes:

  • Rangeviewer navigator timeline bug fix in Dataviewer dialog
  • Sensor Alias name bug fix
  • Fixed Baseline gauge in SQC
  • Fixed wrong time zone in the file browser to the local time zone
  • Minor UI bug fixes

EMG Reports

  • New app name and app icon – EMG Reports
  • UI optimization
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Added support for Galileo sensor and Snap lead sensor
  • Button added to scan for sensors

EMG Logger

  • New app icon and app name – EMG Logger
  • Added support for Android 8.1 and higher
  • Support for Galileo and Snap-Lead sensors
  • Minor bug fixes and GPS channel name update during export


  • Algorithm performance improvements
  • File management updates

NeuroMap Explorer

  • Bug Fixes
  • Improved NeuroMap algorithm performance
  • Resolved gain check bug during HPF file loading
  • Added new statistics calculations
  • Improved data export functionality
  • Updated NeuroMap Explorer visual interface
  • Added multi-file plotting functionality for statistics calculations

Trigno™ Software Development Kit (SDK) Server

  • New Avanti Sensor Support
  • New sensor configuration UI
  • SDK firmware update notifications
  • SDK triggered operation – base now indicates when armed
  • Added queries for frame interval size
  • Added queries for samples per frame count
  • Backwards compatability settings added
  • Dynamic scaling of sample rates to highest FS
  • NEW SDK queries for using multi-bandwidth sensor modes
  • Improved resampling across different channel types” and “improved multi-bandwidth sensor streaming
  • Updated SDK config panes to be congruent with EMGworks
  • Type query in SDK returns the proper type for all sensors
  • Fixed an issue in the SDK where accelerometer data was not being handled correctly
  • Fixed classic config panes in SDK from throwing error
  • Turned Backwards Compatibility on by default
  • Avanti variants will put additional channels in aux port where necessary (FSR, Goni, Analog Input) to preserve legacy behavior
  • Fixed an issue where certain Avanti sensor configuration panes failed to open

Software Update Tool

  • Write Base Flash feature added

Vicon Plugin

  • Compatible with SDK version 3.5.2+