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The MotionMonitor Toolbox for Trigno IM sensors is now available!

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Innovative Sports Training (Chicago, Illinois – USA) has recently released a MotionMonitor Toolbox software that fully supports our Trigno™ IM sensors. A brief overview of the features and capabilities of the software is listed below. For more details and interest in acquiring The MotionMonitor Toolbox, please contact support@TheMotionMonitor.com or call +1 (773) 244-6470.

  • Visualize and capture kinematics, EMG data, and reference video within a single software interface.
  • Build a skeletal model with user-defined scaling, rather than a fixed model which does not take into account anthropometric differences between subjects.
  • Skeletal model includes biomechanically-based, rather than hardware-based, local coordinate systems, resulting in biomechanically relevant data outputs for the sagittal, transverse, and frontal planes.
  • Upon recording, view the skeletal animation and, with the click of a single button, view the analysis of interest: kinematic data, joint angles and EMG data in graphical form; all data variables are pre-defined and displayed with the playback.
  • Apply filtering high-pass and low-pass filtering functions for EMG analysis.
  • All raw data is saved in the application, so the user can access raw and processed EMG data.
  • The software is expandable. Seamlessly upgrade the software capabilities to:
    • Include support for additional hardware types such as force plates, EEG, virtual reality, analog devices, and more.
    • Incorporate user-defined, real-time, visual and auditory biofeedback
    • Add support for other motion analysis systems such as Vicon, MAC, Qualisys and Optitrack.

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