Innovative Sports Training (Chicago, Illinois – USA) has recently released a MotionMonitor Toolbox software that fully supports our Trigno™ IM sensors. A brief overview of the features and capabilities of the software is listed below. For more details and interest in acquiring The MotionMonitor Toolbox, please contact or call +1 (773) 244-6470.

Visualize and capture kinematics, EMG data, and reference video within a single software interface.
Build a skeletal model with user-defined scaling, rather than a fixed model which does not take into account anthropometric differences between subjects.
Skeletal model includes biomechanically-based, rather than hardware-based, local coordinate systems, resulting in biomechanically relevant data outputs for the sagittal, transverse, and frontal planes.
Upon recording, view the skeletal animation and, with the click of a single button, view the analysis of interest:  kinematic data, joint angles and EMG data in graphical form; all data variables are pre-defined and displayed with the playback.
Apply filtering high-pass and low-pass filtering functions for EMG analysis.
All raw data is saved in the application, so the user can access raw and processed EMG data.
The software is expandable. Seamlessly upgrade the software capabilities to:

  • Include support for additional hardware types such as force plates, EEG, virtual reality, analog devices, and more.
  • Incorporate user-defined, real-time, visual and auditory biofeedback
  • Add support for other motion analysis systems such as Vicon, MAC, Qualisys and Optitrack.

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