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Trigno™ ±5V Analog Adapter2019-04-30T15:10:22-04:00

Trigno ±5V Analog Adapter

Integrate analog outputs from dynamometers and third-party equipment

A single Trigno™ Analog Adapter is capable of sampling and transmitting up to 4 analog channels, in accordance with its technical specifications. The adapter sensor is ideal for synchronization with dynamometers, as it supports both Biodex and HUMAC Norm (CSMi) systems to collect position, torque and velocity measurements.

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Trigno Analog Adapter

Measure torque, position and velocity

Integration path for custom transducers

Up to 40 m range

2.4 GHz transmission

Trigno Analog Adapter


Delsys Trigno Sensors & Adapters
User’s Guide

Typical Operating Range
20 m

RF Frequency Band
2400-2483 MHz (ISM band)

Power Consumption
<0.130 W

Effective Radiated Power
9 mW

RF Protocol

Enclosure Dimension (sensor)
27 x 37 x 15 mm

Full-charge Operation Time
>6 hours (typical)

Recharge Time
2.5 hours

Auto Shut-down timer
300 seconds

Temperature Range
5 – 40 degrees Celsius

Input Signal Range
±5V (r.t.i)

Channel Bandwidth
DC – 50 ± 5 Hz, 40 dB/dec

Sampling Period

Ch. 1 27/52 ms
Ch. 2 6.75 ms
Ch. 3 6.75 ms
Ch. 4 6.75 ms

Resolution Depth

Ch. 1 16 bits
Ch. 2 10 bits
Ch. 3 10 bits
Ch. 4 10 bits

Input Resistance (calculated)
49.4 Kohm