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Trigno™ Goniometer Adapter2019-04-30T15:11:08-04:00

Trigno Goniometer Adapter

Accurately measure joint angles

The adapter is compatible with several industry-standard twin axis devices. Simply connect the goniometer to the adapter, turn on, and begin streaming synchronized angle data to EMGworks®. The adapter supports three gain settings (low, medium and high) which can be easily selected in our software to maximize the dynamic range for the specific goniometer being used. A simple calibration in EMGworks® will yield highly accurate measurements in two orthogonal planes.

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Trigno™ Goniometer Adapter

Measure angles in two orthogonal planes

Support five models

Up to 40 m range

2.4 GHz transmission

Trigno Goniometer Adapter


User’s Guide

Typical Operating Range
20 m

RF Frequency Band
2400-2483 MHz (ISM band)

Power Consumption
<0.130 W

Effective Radiated Power
9 mW

RF Protocol

Recharge Time
2.5 hours

Auto Shut-down timer
300 seconds

Temperature Range
5 – 40 degrees Celsius

Dynamic Range (±10%)

gain=1413 V/V 2.3 mV (r.t.i)
gain=1813 V/V 1.8 mV (r.t.i)
gain=2221 V/V 1.5 mV (r.t.i)

DC – 50Hz ± 5 Hz

Sampling Period

Ch. 1 27/52 ms
Ch. 2 6.75 ms

Resolution Depth

Ch. 1 16 bits
Ch. 2 10 bits

Goniometer Bridge Excitation
2.3 V ±0.1 V