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Trigno™ Load Cell Adapter2019-04-30T15:11:27-04:00

Trigno Load Cell Adapter

Monitor forces in virtually any circumstance

Instrument your lab with easy-to-use wireless load cell sensors that can be quickly affixed to equipment or worn by users to monitor forces in virtually any circumstance. Select from a catalog of strain gauge devices covering wide measurement ranges and available in several different designs.

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Trigno Load Cell Adapter

Supports a large variety of load cells

10g – 100Kg, S-type, Beam, Button style

Low, Medium & High Gain settings

Up to 40 m range

Trigno Load Cell Adapter


User’s Guide

Typical Operating Range
20 m

RF Frequency Band
2400-2483 MHz (ISM band)

Power Consumption
<0.130 W

Effective Radiated Power
9 mW

RF Protocol

Full-charge Operation Time
>6 hours (typical)

Recharge Time
2.5 hours

Auto Shut-down timer
300 seconds

Temperature Range
5 – 40 degrees Celsius

Dynamic Range (±10%)

gain=506 V/V 6.5 mV (r.t.i)
gain=1015 V/V 3.3 mV (r.t.i)
gain=2025 V/V 1.6 mV (r.t.i)

DC – 50Hz ± 5 Hz

Sampling Period
27/52 ms

Resolution Depth
16 bits

<0.75 uV (rms), r.t.i.

Bridge Excitation
2.3 V ±0.1 V

Load Cell Impedance
>200 ohm