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Trigno Trigger Adapter

Adapter for recording event markers and expanding sync options

The Trigno™ Trigger Adapter is designed to allow researchers to record 0 to ±5V signals from 3rd-party devices as data alongside other Trigno™ sensors. The adapter is fitted with an industry-standard BNC connector and is tuned for sampling digital signals that can act as event markers.

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Trigno Trigger Adapter

Record 0 to ±5V signals from third-party devices

Industry-standard BNC connector

Fully synchronized event marker recordings

Trigno Trigger Adapter


User’s Guide

Typical Operating Range
20 m

RF Frequency Band
2400-2483 MHz (ISM band)

Power Consumption
<0.130 W

Effective Radiated Power
9 mW

RF Protocol

Power Consumption
< 0.130 mW (average)

Full-charge Operation Time
>6 hours (typical)

Recharge Time
2.5 hours

Auto Shut-down timer
300 seconds

Enclosure Dimension (sensor)
27 x 47 x 15 mm

Connector Style

Cable Length
127 mm ± 13 mm

Temperature Range
5 – 40 degrees Celsius

Input Signal Range

Gain Error

Max Offset
<10% Full Scale

Filter Characteristics
DC – 850 ± 100 Hz
40 dB/dec
Bessel Filter Type

Sampling Period
27/52 ms

Group Delay
< 2 sampling periods

Resolution Depth
16 bits

Channel Noise
<20 mV pkpk (r.t.i.)

Input Resistance (calculated)
37.4 KΩ

Source Impedance Compensation
vadj = 1.267 + { 37.4 KΩ / 3 7.4 KΩ + Rs } (vin – 1.267)