If you have owned a Trigno system for a few years now and are looking to upgrade to some of our new Trigno Avanti products, may see some compatibility issues between the old and new equipment. This because our newest products are only compatible with our latest software and firmware This new Trigno Avanti technology combines the features of previous Trigno sensors (flexible EMG bandwidth and input range, built-in IMU, digital and analog outputs), while adding the capability to transmit directly to an Android tablet via Bluetooth.

In order to use your hardware from years past with the newest products and software features, please follow the steps listed below – they will show you exactly how to update your software and firmware.

  1. Uninstall your current version of EMGworks.
    1. Go to Start → Control Panel → Programs and Features → “Uninstall a Program” under the Programs section → Select the “Delsys Prerequisites” program, published by Delsys, Inc., and select “Uninstall.”
    2. If you were using EMGworks 4.2 or an earlier version, uninstall the “Delsys Prerequisites” program.
    3. If you were using EMGworks 4.3 or a more recent version, uninstall “EMGworks.”
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Download and install the latest version of EMGworks.
    1. Go to our EMGworks Software page.
    2. Click the “Install” button to download the latest version of EMGworks. The installer will begin downloading, which you will see in the lower-left corner of your screen.
    3. Open the program, then click “Run” to run the program.
    4. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions.
    5. When the program has downloaded and you are in the Setup Wizard, click “Next.”
    6. Read and accept the terms in the License Agreement and click “Next.”
    7. Click “Install,” then “Finish,” then “Close.” The EMGworks Acquisition and Analysis software icons will automatically be placed on your desktop.
  4. Update Software and Base Station Firmware.
    1. Follow Delsys Service Portal.
    2. Make sure your Base Station is connected and powered on.
    3. Click on “Delsys Software Update,” which is the first option on the top of the page, then open the installer that downloads.
    4. When you get to the Application Install prompt, click “Install.” The Delsys Software Update Tool is now installed on your computer. For future updates, you will not have to download the tool again; you will simply be able to open up the tool to see if your system requires updates.
    5. When the Software Update Tool is opened, it will appear as follows: Ignore the Trigno Personal Monitor row.  If the EMGworks or Trigno Base Station rows show a yellow triangle with an “Update” prompt rather than a green tick, an update is required. Click on the “Update” prompt to complete an update. If this fails, close the Software Update Tool, conduct a power cycle on the Base Station, re-open the tool and attempt again.
      Software Update Tool
  5. Update Sensor Firmware.
    1. Next, each individual sensor must have their firmware updated. There will be a green check mark next to the Trigno Sensors row by default.  This does not mean that all your sensors have up-to-date firmware; it merely indicates that the tool is ready to pair a sensor.  You will need to pair a sensor first to get the tool to recognize if a firmware update is required or not.  To do this, first click on the “Pair Sensor…” button in the Software Update Tool.
    2. Next, follow the instructions to pair the sensor to the tool. Note that this action must be completed for each individual sensor, one at a time.
    3. Once a sensor has successfully been paired, the tool will recognize the sensor, and will give you its SID, firmware version, and sensor type.  If you see a yellow triangle with the text “Update required”, please click on the “Update…” button:
      If you see a yellow triangle with the text “Update required”, please click on the “Update…” button
    4. When you click this, the same pairing instructions prompt will appear as seen in Step 5.2.  Follow the instructions, and after a few seconds you will see tool indicating that the sensor is updating in the bottom-left corner:
      Tool indicating that the sensor is updating in the bottom-left corner
    5. When the update is complete, the yellow triangle will turn into a green check mark, indicating that the firmware has been updated successfully.
    6. From here, please select “Pair Sensor” to update your next sensor, and repeat Steps 5.1 to 5.5 until all of your sensors have been updated. Be sure to keep your sensor in close proximity of the base station to ensure successful pairing.
  6. Re-pair your sensors to unique base station channels through the Trigno Control Utility.
    1. Once the software, base station, and sensors have all been updated, you will need to re-pair your sensors to individual channels on your base station in order for your sensors to collect data properly.  With your base station still plugged in, open the Trigno Control Utility.  If this tool is not already an icon on your Desktop, please search for it in the Start menu.
    2. Select a sensor and the channel (1-16) that you wish to pair it to.  Click on the “Pair” button in that channel.  You will see the following prompt:
      Pairing: Abort
    3. While the sensor is on, hold down the button on the sensor until the pairing is complete (same process as in Step 5.2). When it is complete, you will see this screen:Sensor Paired
    4. Select “Use Auto-detected Calibration” or “OK”, whichever option appears on the right side.  Always ignore “Enter Delsys Factory Calibration”.
    5. Repeat steps 6.2 through 6.4 for each sensor that you wish to pair to a channel in your Base Station