o minimize costs on the user end, existing Trigno Base Stations and Sensors may require a firmware (FW) update to ensure they are compatible with new Trigno Equipment. This prevents the need to entirely replace such systems and allows for easy upgrade paths. New equipment ships with the latest FW:

  • 40-24 (Trigno Avanti Sensor, Part Number SP-W06-014)
  • 25-64 (Trigno IM Sensor, Part Number SP-W01L)
  • 30-16 (All other Trigno Sensors & Adapters)
  • MA2903-BE1500-DS0808-US2001-DA0900 (Analog Base Station, Part Number SP-W02A & C)
  • MA2903-BE1500-DS0808-US2001-DA0000 (Digital Base Station, Part Number SP-W02B & D)

To update existing Base Stations to the latest firmware, please download and run the Delsys Software Update Tool with your Base Station powered and USB connected. The update tool will query the Base Station, report the FW, and present the option to update if necessary.

To update existing Sensors, power on the sensor and select the ‘Pair Sensor’ button. When the ‘Pair Sensor’ window opens, press and hold the Sensor button until the message disappears. If the FW is out of date, the Update Tool presents the option to update. Ensure the Sensor is powered on, select the ‘Update’ option, then press and hold the Sensor button to initiate the update process. Once complete, a confirmation message will appear in the update tool.

EMGworks software will need to be updated to the latest version (4.5.0 or later) for compatibility with the new FW sets. To update to the latest version of EMGworks, uninstall any existing versions of the software through Control Panel, then download and install the latest version found at here.

If there are limitations in existing equipment setups, such as 3rd party integrations, it may be desirable to downgrade the FW on new equipment to match existing equipment. There is a ‘Need to downgrade?’ option in the Software Update Tool to downgrade the FW on new equipment to match previous FW versions and maintain compatibility with EMGworks 4.1.7 through 4.3.2.

Please contact Delsys Support with any questions regarding FW updates and compatibility.

+1 (508) 545-8232