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Bagnoli™ System Integration

Bagnoli™ Desktop System

The Bagnoli™ Desktop System produce conditioned isolated, analog signals which can be readily connected to all data acquisition systems. In addition, Trigger Module facilitates synchronized data collection, providing solutions for multiple configurations.


Bagnoli™ Desktop EMG System(?)

EMGworks® Software(?)

Desktop or Laptop Computer

Analog Integration

BNC cables


National Instruments A/D Data Acquisition Card

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Delsys Trigger Module

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Analog Integration

Integrate seamlessly with 3rd party data acquisition systems either through the BNC sockets or HD68 connector that are located at the back of the Bagnoli™ main amplifier unit.

The Bagnoli™ Desktop System outputs single-ended, analog voltage signals in the ± 5 Volt range. The HD68 Connector was designed to be used with the EMGworks Signal Acquisition and Analysis Package. It used to connect the Bagnoli™ Desktop EMG System to a National Instruments A/D Data Acquisition Card so that data acquisition can be controlled with EMGworks® Software. On the other hand, the BNC Sockets can be used to easily connect the Main Amplifier Unit to an oscilloscope or other data acquisition devices.

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Synchronize data collection from Bagnoli™ Desktop System with any other data acquisition system or hardware.

The key to implementing a successful triggering strategy is to establish a control signal that is capable of immediately starting data acquisition on one or more systems. Delsys Trigger Module offers full triggering capabilities to control the start and stop of all data acquisition systems in an experimental setup. Additionally you may setup several triggering scenarios such as:

  1. Primary/Secondary Triggering
  2. Independent-Signal Triggering
  3. Common Signal Synchronization
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